Here's why.

Big Apple Business has been delivering coaching and training for over 17 years.
We offer:

Bespoke coaching solutions

We are non-prescriptive. We have a deep focus on encouraging alternative attitudes, ways of seeing and behaving. We strongly resist do and don’t approaches – intellectually and practically.

We visualise ideas

We work with simple visuals in the class to represent concepts and ideas. We believe visualisation should be used as a tool itself in international teams to overcome language barriers and to co-create a clear business culture.

Our concepts

From leadership to language to Fierce, the concepts and tools we use have been designed by our experts. They reflect our long years of experience working with many teams and leaders from international companies.


We focus on the international workplace – working with international teams and those in an international leadership role.


We listen deeply to the needs of our clients. Before we begin any project, we consult with our clients to ensure expectations align, goals are set and development budgets are used effectively.

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