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There is no question that the ‘Fierce Conversation’ program was a significant contributor to our success and the key to many good decisions. Now our goal is to drive this down into the organisation. It is timely.

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Communication and collaboration are under pressure in almost every organisation today. Meetings are often seen as inefficient. Unnecessary and ineffective emails are generating huge frustration. Disengagement is at an all-time high. All this produces cost and lost efficiency for organisations.

Better performance through better conversations

Fierce training workshops aim to enhance organizational cultures by developing highly effective conversational skills based on curiosity, a desire to learn, a commitment to confront challenging issues, and a desire to create positive and lasting relationships.

Fierce Conversations® is a two-day workshop designed to help professionals return to more open, authentic and real conversations in which they say what they mean and are prepared to really listen to the ideas of others.

The benefits to your organisation

After a Fierce Conversations® workshop, your teams will be able to:

Workshop content

In this two-day event, you will work with an accredited trainer to learn and practise the seven principles of Fierce Conversations®, and learn 4 practical conversational models to grow your leadership and team skills, shake up your performance management, and transform the culture in your team and organisation.

Fierce workshops for your individual needs

We offer 4 Fierce conversation programs that can be bundled in flexible ways . We can design half-day or full-day workshops to suit your needs.

Fierce digital workshops for remote teams

Fierce Conversations for Remote Teams is designed specifically to help your team level up quickly so they can work together to achieve results, no matter where they are.

Fierce Remote

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