Successfully engage in
difficult conversations.

Fierce has given us the permission we need to change behaviors and the tools we need to make it happen. The quality of conversations is improving and leading to innovation and change.


We all know the challenges of giving people open and constructive feedback, especially if they feel criticised or attacked! But the evidence is clear. Many of us simply avoid having difficult conversations, despite knowing that avoiding the conversation means paying a high price.

Left unchecked, negative behaviours that are not challenged, become the norm.

The Fierce Confront® model allows you to understand the typical strategies we use to avoid difficult conversation, the price of not confronting, and how to manage the 10-step Fierce Confrontation® conversation to solve issues and deepen relationships.

Fierce Confront® is a confrontation with reality, not the person. It’s a positive and open invitation to explore and understand each other’s perspectives through conversation.

Benefits to organisation leaders

Fierce Confront® helps organisations to:

Fierce Conversations training modules

Fierce training workshops aim to enhance organizational cultures by developing highly effective conversational skills based on curiosity, a desire to learn, a commitment to confront challenging issues, and a desire to create positive and lasting relationships.

Fierce5 podcast.

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