Understand, spark action, tackle tough challenges.

‘Our leaders now have a common toolkit of conversational strategies that bring results. It’s been life changing for people - personally and professionally.

Iowa Dept. of Education

Coaching is the essential skillset for the 21st century. It’s the process by which leaders engage with their team members, understand their concerns and challenges, and develop the confidence and accountability to take on tough challenges.

The Fierce Mineral Rights Model® is a coaching tool which aims for depth, to engage coachees with the underlying issue, to name it and to solve it. Simple but instantly effective, this tool has the power to transform how people communication as they realise the power of asking.

Benefits to your organisation

Fierce Coaching® is a question-based approach which avoids advising, asking coachees to discover their own solutions which make sense for them. This model encourages coachees to recognise the impact of their actions and the actions of others.

Fierce Conversations Training modules

Fierce training workshops aim to enhance organisational cultures by developing highly effective conversational skills based on curiosity, a desire to learn, a commitment to confront challenging issues, and a desire to create positive and lasting relationships.

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